Monthly Archives: December 2011

Dreaming big dreams…

As we begin to close out 2011 and usher in 2012, we all begin to reflect on the past and consider the future.  Our family has some big dreams for this year.  Jen and I were just talking about the fact that since we have children that are 14, 12, 9, 7, 2, and 9 months we can live like a young family with lots of experience 🙂

I also know that as we think about “New Years” stuff, we are inclined to be burdened by things of the past.  Missed goals, mistakes, etc.  I am committed to focusing on the present and future, and forgetting about the past.  Yes, we have to learn from our mistakes, but, we also have to then learn to let them go.

My FTF tip for you this New Year is leave last year in last year.  No one else cares nearly as much about your mistakes from last year as you do.  LET IT GO!  Move forward, make a new way, and live life to the fullest!  We are a forgiven people; we should act like it!

Do you have someone to forgive?  Something to move past?  Do it today, and start 2012 on the right foot.

Potty Training is not for the faint at heart…

I just had a conversation with Norah, who turned two years old in October.  Norah is still in Diapers, and shows no signs of being interested in potty training.  I asked her to go get a diaper so I could change her.   She brought back one of Leemaries diapers.  I said , “Norah, this is a size three.  I need a size four for you”  She goes and finds a size four and brings it.  I told her “Any girl who is big enough to read the sizes on diapers is big enough to go to the potty”.  She said “No, I like size fours and size fives”.

So…it looks like I’ll have two kids in diapers for a little while longer.  My “first things first family tip” for this is to remember that whether she (or your child) potty trains at two, or three, or (gasp) even four years old, it is not going to affect them in the long run.  They’ll still probably graduate from high school, go to college, maybe even get a job and have a family of their own.  It will inconvenience you, but, please remember one thing – the days are long, but the years are very short.  Don’t sweat it 🙂  I’m not.

BTW, if you’re like us with two kids in diapers, maybe you should check out the very amazing Queen of Free at for some great ways to save $$ on diapers 🙂


…to our blog.  Not that probably anyone will read this (since it’s brand new).

The goal, I suppose, is to give a formal name and description to what we’re trying to do as a family.  And that is, to put First Things First.  In every aspect of life, I believe that if we will do what we must do, before things we need to do, before things we want to do, we’ll get to do a lot more than we thought we could ever do.  So, we’re gonna try, and you will, hopefully, watch, share and learn right along with us.

Feel free to share this with your friends, and send me your thoughts too!